10 Safety Tips to Follow When Riding Two Wheeler With a Pillion Rider


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Apart from getting the appropriate insurance plan for your bike, you must follow a few tips to ensure you and the pillion rider are safe during your drives.

Safety Tips to Follow When Driving Bikes With a Pillion Rider

Here are some safety tips you must follow when going on a ride and taking a pillion rider along with you:

  1. Drive carefully: Carefully driving is important, whether on a solo trip or with a pillion rider. You must follow the traffic rules for avoiding unintentional accidents. It would be better if you drove your bike only after you had attained a decent amount of experience and were confident in driving a bike. The pillion rider in the back will add to the vehicle’s weight, and moving through traffic can be a bit difficult. Therefore, you must always make sure that you put in the required amount of practice before going on a long journey.
  2. Bike’s ability to handle weight: You must ensure that your bike can handle additional weight during drives. A bike ride will involve different instances like braking, acceleration, suspension, etc. Therefore, you must check if your bike can handle the weight before riding with the pillion rider.
  3. Do not make sudden movements: Driving a bike involves maintaining your balance at all times. You have to adjust your body in such a manner that the bike doesn’t topple over when you’re driving the vehicle. Any sudden movement can disrupt your balance, leading to an accident. Therefore, you and the pillion rider must ensure that you do not make sudden movements as it can cause an accident.
  4. Stay mindful: While driving the bike for long distances, you can lose focus and cause an accident, leading to severe injuries. Therefore, you must stay mindful while driving the vehicle. It will help you protect yourself and your pillion rider. If you feel exhausted, you must take breaks or ask your pillion rider to drive the vehicle. When you stay alert, you can make quick decisions if there is an obstacle on the road.
  5. Talk to the pillion rider: Driving a bike includes several tasks which you will have to perform like changing gears, watching the road, looking in the rearview mirror, etc. If the pillion rider is unaware of the complexities involved in driving the vehicle, they can easily distract you. Therefore, you must talk to the pillion rider about the basics of driving a bike and the safety rules. If they distract you at the wrong time, you may get hit, or you might hit someone and face injuries.
  6. Get safety gear for pillion riders: While you must wear the correct safety gear for long drives on the road, you must get the correct safety gear for pillion riders. Wearing different gears like knee guards, helmets, etc., can be quite helpful. They can help you protect yourself and pillion riders from severe injuries.
  7. Avoid sharp turns: While you may be following all the rules and guidelines of the roads properly, any sharp turns or bad road designs can disrupt your flow and lead to an accident. Therefore, if you’re facing sharp turns, you must reduce your speedway before the turn comes so that you can manoeuvre yourself easily and not cause any damage.
  8. Inform the pillion rider about some rules: You can inform your pillion rider about different rules to help you. For instance, they must not lean backwards heavily. When a pillion rider does this, the vehicle’s weight is shifted, and you may lose your balance.
  9. Pillion riders must avoid the exhaust pipes: Your pillion rider must know about the exhaust pipe. A hot exhaust pipe can cause severe burns, and it can injure the pillion rider if they aren’t careful about it.
  10. Stopping: When you’re stopping, your pillion rider must wait for you to keep both your feet on the ground. If both you and the pillion rider get down simultaneously, the vehicle can fall as you may lose your balance.


Two-wheelers do not have a roof like four-wheelers and are, therefore, more susceptible to accidental damages. Therefore, following safety tips while driving with a pillion rider is important. These safety tips allow you to ensure you and your friends or family do not face severe injuries on your rides.

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