5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers


One major reason every Instagram account wants to buy Instagram followers, is so that they can connect with their followers. If it’s a business account with a good number of followers, you sell your services to them. If its personal, you connect with your family and friends by letting them know what you do.

 However, some of the websites sell fake Instagram followers who do not add any value to your brand or your personal profile. Most of social media platforms contain ads that promote buying followers.

These ads can be tempting, especially if you are brand trying to become an influencer or promoting your business.  There are several reasons you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers.

  • Fake Followers Do Not Engage with You

If you want to grow your brand or become an influencer, then your followers must engage by liking your content, sharing it with others, and leaving a comment.

However, bought fake followers do not engage in either way. They do not see your content nor comment, share or like. At times these bought followers are not even real people. Others are always having a large following but not followed back. These people behind fake accounts depend on reciprocity.

  • You Will Not Grow your Brand with Fake followers

Because fake followers do not engage with your business, they do generate income and sales. This is because they do not purchase your products nor share them.

If you are an influencer looking forward to collaborate with brands, then its is good to have real followers, or buy active Instagramfollowers rather than fake followers. This way, a brand will work with you due to the engagement you have with them.

  • Fake Followers Destroy Your Credibility

As an influencer, or a brand, you need to establish an organic way of growing your following. This happens when you share content relevant to your brand. Your followers engage with the content you provide to them.

However, with fake followers you as a brand or an influencer, you lose credibility and lack value to your community. If it’s a business there are no sales. As an influencer, no brand works with you.

  • Instagram Could Suspend your Account

Fake accounts on Instagram are regularly suspended by the platform. This means your followers can reduce anytime.

Buying followers generally infringes their terms of service, which could lead to your account being suspended.

  • Fake Followers Increases Spam

Most purchased followers are fronts for junks and spam. They are completely fake. These spammers deliver spam to your followers which may lead to your genuine followers unfollowing you.

Final Thought

Growing your following organically should be your ultimate goal either as a brand or as an influencer. This ensures that your followers engage with you.

When your followers engage with your brand, there are many benefits like business growth and recognition, increase in sales and conversions, and you avoid issues to do with your account being suspended.

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