5 Things to Know Before Moving into a Sober Living Home  


Delray Beach women’s sober living home is not the same as living in a regular apartment home. One difference is that there will be daily sobriety meetings that you can attend on-site. A sober living facility will provide you with tools and resources to assist with your recovery, but it will be much more structured than in a situation where you’re living on your own. Here are 5 things to know before you move in.

  1. A Sober Living Home Is Not Rehab

An in-patient rehab center is a treatment facility designed to help you get sober in the first place. A Delray Beach women’s sober living home is different. It’s a place for you to live with structure and support, while you transition out of a life of addition. Residents in a sober living home have already been through rehab; now comes the hard work of learning how to live sober and independently again.

  1. Sober Living Homes Are Structured

When you enroll in a sober living home program, you will be committing to abide by community rules and guidelines. There are many more rules than living in a regular apartment building, but again, these rules are built around keeping you on the road to recovery. Rules and expectations that you must abide by in a Delray Beach women’s sober living home include:

  • No use or possession of drugs or alcohol on or off the property
  • Random drug and alcohol testing
  • Daily curfews
  • Attend weekly community meetings
  • Maintain house cleanliness at all times
  • Must be working or actively seeking employment, volunteering or otherwise contributing to the local community

There are many additional rules to abide by, but this gives you a sense of the structure of a women’s sober living home.

  1. You Will Pay Rent

Rent at a Delray Beach women’s sober living home is comparable to what you would be paying in a regular apartment. Rent is paid every week on Friday’s to a designated staff person for the following week. Charges for additional recovery programs such as IOP may be paid through your medical insurance, depending on your provider.

  1. You Will Be Drug& Alcohol Tested

Any staff member at your women’s sober living home can request a drug and alcohol test at any time to help keep you accountable to the program. Refusal to submit to a test will be considered a positive result and may result in your eviction from the program.

  1. Daily Meetings Are Encouraged

You’ll be strongly encouraged to attend daily sobriety meetings with the fellowship of your choice (AA, NA, etc.) for the first 90 days while in a Delray Beach women’s sober living home.

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