A Brief History of the Most Popular Casino Game Played in Korea: Tuho-Ri


Korean casinos have always been a popular destination for tourists visiting the country. With more than 20 online and physical casinos in Seoul alone, it’s easy to see why Koreans are so passionate about gambling. One of Korea’s most popular casino games is Tuho-Ri, which has its roots in ancient Korean culture.

Interesting facts about Tuho-Ri:

  1. Welcome to the world of Tuho-Ri. This is a game for those who enjoy betting and being adventurous with their money.
  1. The history of this game stretches back to ancient times when it was used by monks as a way to pass the time and also as an entertainment option during festivities.
  1. It’s even said that some Buddhist temples still play this game today! So let’s take a closer look at how Tuho-Ri came about and why so many Koreans enjoy playing it now.
  1. Tuho-Ri is an ancient game that was created in the year 500 AD. The name of this game comes from two words in Korean: “to,” which means to discard, and “ho,” which refers to a round straw mat used for playing on it with flipped chips.

How does one play Tuho-Ri?

Two players each have five chips flip onto the table mat after betting, with three lines on it to signify odds and chances.

The first player flips their five chips from one end towards the middle line while trying not to let any overlap with previous coins already placed by other gamblers into the “haung.” If they succeed, then they win the betted money and any winnings. In case of a failure, then that player’s flipped chips are all put back to their original positions along with other gamblers’ coins in the “haung.”

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