At-home Self-care When You’re Literally Stuck at Home


It’s bad enough that this health crisis is putting an emotional toll on you, but the fact that it’s disrupting your beauty routine also stresses you to no end. In your 20s, it’s easy enough to forego a great skin-care routine. It seems all you need back then was a complete eight hours of sleep. As long as you get that much sleep, your skin feels rejuvenated, plump, and ready for action once more. But it’s different when once you reached your 30s or 40s. Your skin feels drier and more exhausted than usual. Thanks a lot, hormones.

So is it any wonder that not being able to go to a waxing salon and a facial treatment therapist is stressing you out? If you’re the type of person who relies on professional hair colorists, nail technicians, and dermatologists for your beauty regime, being stuck at home will make you feel like you’re losing your once gorgeous self. First, your beauty is not reliant on the color of your hair. It has to do with your well-being. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself, physical-wise.


You may not get a professional facial right now, but you can do that on your own. There are a lot of great products in the market that make a DIY facial possible. You can get face masks, facial massagers, and those popular jade rollers. But if spending on these things is not your cup of tea, you can also make your own facial mask. You can apply avocado or egg whites on your face. You can make also make a mix of oatmeal, honey, yogurt, water, and egg white for that extra plump feeling you want.

Hair Mask

Does your hair feel brittle, dry, and frayed? Your hair needs extra hydration. You need to make your own hair mask made of olive oil and avocado. It’s truly very simple. You have to mix half an avocado, an egg, and a tablespoon each of olive oil and honey. Apply this mixture to your tresses, especially the ends, and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly after that. You may want to start with warm water to wash off the mixture.

By now, you should already know that washing your hair every day can dry it out. At best, wash your hair every other day to keep the moisture intact. You should also do deep conditioning to make your hair silky smooth.


Those hair-removal products work wonders. You put a dollop of cream on your underarms, wait for a few seconds and voila, you can wipe away the hair. But if you suddenly find yourself out of your favorite shaving cream, what can you do?

Grab a bottle of your hair conditioner, apply it on your legs or armpit, and shave away. The conditioner has hair-softening properties that make it an ideal alternative for shaving cream. If you do not have a conditioner, you can use a moisturizing body wash. Choose a body wash that has a white and creamy texture because that works best for a shave.


Since you’re working from home now, some of your favorite beauty and cosmetic products remain untouched on the counter. You want to preserve their shelf life. You can put them in the refrigerator where their properties will be more stable. It will also increase efficacy. Aside from that, it’s relaxing to put on a moisturizer that was left in the fridge. The cooling effect has anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin.

This tip is particularly helpful for expensive products that you aren’t using as much because you are home most of the time. Pop them in the fridge to extend their lives. However, you cannot put facial oils inside the fridge because they will solidify.

Makeup Holiday

Back when the world was not in disarray, your skin barely gets a rest from all the makeup you put on it. Now that you don’t need to do that, give your skin a product holiday. This is a day when it won’t have anything on it except your skin-care products. Forego the foundation, BB cream, and blush-on. This is the best time to take care of your skin. Give it a breather from all the cosmetic products you put on it every day.

There is still so much uncertainty when you can go back to your old beauty routine—visiting the dermatologist, getting your nails done, etc. However, take this time to learn some of the basics and most natural ways to maintain your young-looking skin. You’ll be surprised how easy it is and how much you can save by doing it yourself.

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