Choosing the Right Halloween Costumes for Girls 


Choosing the right Halloween costume can help make it the perfect holiday. With so many Halloween costumes for girls out there to choose from, the process can be a little overwhelming. Not only do you have to take your child’s wants into consideration but you also need to stay within budget to make everyone happy. These tips can help you choose between the many Halloween costumes for girls.

Look at the Fine Print: You want to know exactly what costume accessories and pieces you are going to get before you buy. Many stores should be careful to list everything that is included so you aren’t left with surprises. Knowing what you get can help you decide if it’s worth the cost. If it’s an inexpensive costume but you will still need to purchase accessories, it may not be worth it. Also be sure to read the exchange and return policies before making a purchase.

Consider the Weather: You also want to consider what the weather will be like on the holiday. Tights and leotards can help girls stay warm if the costume includes a skirt. You can also add long sleeve T-shirts under the costume in order to stay warm.

Know the Right Size: When ordering a costume, make sure you know the right size. Children’s sizes can vary so consult a size chart if there is one. If you are buying early, which is suggested, then consider how fast your child is growing.

Buy Early: You don’t want to wait until the last minute to get a costume, especially if you are buying online. Costumes can also go fast if they are popular for the year.

Try It On: Take the costume out when you get it and try it on before the holiday just in case it doesn’t fit. You can then iron or steam the costume before wearing it. You should treat it just like an outfit for a special event to make the most out of it.

Accessorize for Variety: If you have multiple Halloween events to go to, you don’t necessarily need multiple costumes. Add a hat or gloves to make the costume look different from one event to the next. Adding different accessories can be much cheaper than having to purchase different costumes. You can also add makeup to make the same costume look different. If you are doing makeup, practice in advance and leave enough time to get ready.

Make Costumes Safe: Some costumes may come with a hat or masks. If the eye marks are too small and your child can’t see then make them a bit bigger. You can also use makeup to blend in the color of the mask with the skin.

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