Compatible Capsules for Your Lavazza® Blue Coffee Machines


Coffee is the most favoured beverage in the world, especially amongst the workaholics. Be it for lazy people or night owls, a cup of coffee can induce energy in one’s body. Being caffeine-rich, it helps to stay awake and concentrate on the important work by increasing the focus. The place where coffee is the most required is in an office space. Lavazza® Blue has been successful in presenting a beautiful range of coffee makers, especially for office space. It works quite smoothly guaranteeing a sublime result in each cup, just how it is done at the cafe. They fit in the aesthetics of an office like a charm with their stylish design. Lavazza® Blue capsules are used to make coffee in these exclusive coffee makers.

Capsules For Lavazza® Blue Coffee Machines

These capsules come in different flavours and intensity. Though the quality of each capsule remains the same, they are still different from each other. Each person can pick their choice of capsules compatible with the Lavazza® Blue coffee machines working as per the system of LAVAZZA® BLUE.

Let’s know more about the compatible Lavazza® Blue capsules:


This pack contains about 100 coffee capsules. Of course, they are entirely compatible with the coffee machines by Lavazza® Blue. Just like its name suggests, it has a persistent flavour and an intense aroma promising a strong blend of coffee. It is hazelnut in colour and has a hint of acidity. It also leaves you with an after-taste of almond and dried fruit. Its composition consists of 50 per cent Arabica and 50 per cent Robusta with origins of Brasil Arabica, India and Uganda Robusta.


This pack of capsules for Lavazza® Blue again consists of 100 coffee capsules. This is the perfect choice for people who like their coffee strong and intense. Deciso is an espresso with a beautiful aroma of unsweetened cocoa powder and dried fruit. The dark roast with the composition of 100 per cent Robusta allows it to leave a long-lasting after-taste. The origins of this coffee capsule are Indian and Indonesian Robusta. So give your coffee a blend of this strong flavour with the scents of rich and dark cocoa.


This flavour of coffee capsules of Lavazza Blue coffee machines is a delicate one. Its aroma is characterized by soft and fruit flavour, concentrating more on lychee. It leaves you with a pleasant, soft and flowery after-taste. It originated in Colombia Arabica with a 100 per cent composition of Arabica. If you like your coffee light and tasteful, Colombia is the one for you. It is easily blended in the machine to provide you with a perfect cup of coffee to vanish away the work stress.


Delicato, another pack of 100 coffee capsules compatible with coffee machines by Lavazza® Blue, gives a dense taste of the coffee. It is a blend of specially picked Arabica beans. This flavour leaves an after-taste of chocolate and fruit. It is roasted at a perfect degree which ensures a dense, creamy texture in the coffee. You can have it whenever you are craving for a creamy and smooth coffee in between your hectic office hours, to relax you.


We all know that a particular section of people loves decaffeinated coffee, which makes the decaffeinated, one of the most popular flavours in the range of Lavazza® Blue capsules. It has a distinctive aroma which makes it stand out from the other flavours. It leaves a fruity after-taste in combination with its medium roast. The origin of the flavour is Vietnam Robusta, and the composition is 100 percent robusta.

So which one of those mentioned above will be your ultimate choice to fade away from your Monday blues at work?

The trademark is not owned by Gimoka Coffee UK or by companies connected to it. Lavazza® owns it. There is no connection between Gimoka Coffee UK and Lavazza®. The compatibility of Gimoka capsules is functional for use on Lavazza® blue machines and does not replace the use of the original capsules produced by Lavazza®.


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