Critical Analysis Of Malaysia Online Bet: Ethical Or Unethical


From Primitive to Posterity, the word ‘gambling’ was not and will not out of the blue word. Since time immemorial, we have heard about gambling. That’s why it is not a new thing for humanity.Lately, this word has graduated and gains its novel name-Casino (the abode of gambling). The casino is ubiquitous and rampant across the globe, irrespective of the government patronization.

Ages and eons ago, we witnessed the practical example of a casino in ‘Mahabharata.’ In which Yudhishtra was persuaded by the cunning Shakuni, and the rest is history.From marginalized to the bourgeoisie and then to opulent class, every section of society plays in their domain. This prevalence nudged its way to come on the dashboard of the online system, hence born Malaysia Online Bet. This made it reach accessible to everyone. These games provide opportunities for the young generation to play a wide range of games and earn money. Let us discuss these bets.

Let us explore its Ethical and Unethical domains.


People play online poker for recreational purposes, to relax. It is also seen as a source to surge tourism and revenue for the precinct. Considering its importance, many countries have made it legal with certain regulations. This was done due to its deep-rooted presence in the society that even the government can’t just ignore this thing and made it legal. It is legal in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and 30 countries of the African continent. This was the one side of the coin; let’s have a look over the other.


It is regarded traditionally as an unethical practice and not liked by many people. These concerns are there due to its alluring nature and then addiction, which affects the livelihoods of the people. It may make a stable person bankrupt. Online poker may easily subterfuge the layman who doesn’t have the nitty-gritty of the transaction.This topic needs more debate to come up to a specific conclusion. As for whether it is ethical or unethical, it is followed surreptitiously. In India, according to the Public gambling act 1867, it is illegal. Although three state or Union Territory has made it legal, Goa, Sikkim, and Daman & Diu. However, online pokerisunder the domain of Information Technology act 2000.

Latest update:-

A few years back in the IPL (Indian premier league- a cricket tournament), this was done at a high rate. This also resulted in the arrest of many players and mediators who were involved in this.Due to its rampant presence, the honorable Supreme Court asked the Law Commission of India to deliberate on its legality.

Recently, according to the report of the LawCommission, it has patronizedonline gambling. They state that it will help to curb the black money and an increase in the revenue of the government, which can be used for the welfare of the people. But they also feel that it must be regulated by the government.

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