Everything which you must know about dermal fillers


Soft tissue fillers refer to dermal fillers, which are the substances used to enhance the volume on the skin surface. The designed fillers get injected beneath the skin surface and increase the fullness of the volume efficiently.

 The common substances used in the dermal fillers include:

PMMA which is Polymethyl methacrylate microspheres

It is the semi-permanent filler used as a substance in soft tissue fillers. PMMA fillers contain suitable collagen, which is a natural substance found in the skin to provide suitable structure as well as firmness. The material is highly beneficial for enhancing your glowing skin by eliminating the wrinkles and those irritating fine lines.

Calcium hydroxylapatite

A mineral-like compound which is commonly found in the bones. By using such type of filler, the volume enhanced can last longer for more time effectively. The substance helps stimulate the production of collagen and gets correctly used for the wrinkles and deeper lines.

Hyaluronic acid (HA)

It is a naturally occurring substance that gets found in your skin. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated for a longer time, which is useful to maintain the glow. Generally, the HA type fillers are soft plus gel-like. The results after using such kind of filler can last for at least 6 to 12 months. The results can last up to the time unless the body absorbs the particles.

Each one of the substances mentioned above is designed to treat the different signs of aging effects as well as other cosmetic issues. The time taken by the fillers to work properly varies along with their lasting characteristics. There are some of the fillers which last for only six months. However, some can last for two years. It is beneficial to discuss the expectations as well as requirements with your surgeon before deciding whether fillers are the best choice for you.

What things get corrected by using soft tissue fillers?

Several types of dermal fillers are found to which specially designed to treat the variant signs of aging. You need to ask the doctor which type of cartridge will suit best to your face and then you can enjoy the following corrections:

  • The fillers can plump up the thinning lips easily.
  • The fillers help in filling the shallow areas as well as enhancing the specific part of the area on the face.
  • It helps in decreasing or removing the wrinkle under the eyes correctly, which can be caused by the eyelid.
  • It helps in filling the look of the recessed scars by softening the lines, especially those present on the lower face.

What filler is best to get used?

As there are several filters available in the market, it has become challenging to choose the most efficient one. However, you cannot find which type of filler will suit best unless you take the advice of a cosmetic surgeon. Every filler product is uniquely formulated to have a specific density, texture, and volume. It is beneficial to seek the guidance of the expert doctor before making any of the decisions.

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