Fire Safety: Beware of the Many Dangers of Fires


House Fires are devastating events that happens to many homes throughout America. They are usually created by people through acts of arson, negligence or incompetence. Fires cause billions of dollars in damages and they even claim lives. Most fires are preventable, and the following information will explain how you can keep your family and property safe from the hellish effects of fire.

Fire Detectors: Use them if you want to Live

The National Safety Council reveals that death will usually happen when smoke detectors are not installed. At least 3 out of 5 homes without smoke detectors will usually end in death for some of its occupants. Smoke detectors send out an early warning signal when smoke is first detected. Pay attention to them because they will let you know when a fire is present. Remember, where there is smoke – there usually is a source causing this substance. Don’t be foolish and not install fire detectors in your home. You should also check them on a regular basis to make sure they work.

The Danger of Negligence and Fire

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 374,000 U.S. homes burn up every year. These fires are usually started by a person’s negligence. People who smoke often fall asleep without properly extinguishing their cigarettes. Then sometimes turns into a bad situation for them and the other people in their home. Homeowners sometimes do not check for faulty outlets or other potential fire hazards. Sometimes, this can turn into a huge problem where fire is the result. Ultimately, people should be proactive and not negligent when it comes watching out for potential fire hazards.

Beware of the Hidden Terrors of Firebugs

Firebugs are strange creatures. They are little critters that like to play with matches, lighters, fire sticks, fireworks and other fire causing devices. These strange creatures are often identified as curious children or older people who are fascinated by fire. They are often called arsonists. These individuals will start a fire because they like to destroy things, or they are simply spellbound by the nature of burning objects. Watch your family members and friends closely. They could be potential firebugs crawling around your home.

Appliances: The Fire Makers that Most People Ignore

Space heaters, stoves, refrigerators, dryers and electronic items can have faulty or torn wiring. This could lead to a fire. Periodically inspect our appliances, heaters and electronics to ensure they do not pose a potential fire hazard. Jims Fire Safety is one of many organizations that can inspect your appliances and electronics for fire hazards.

If you don’t Plan to Stay Alive, Chances Are You Won’t

Create an evacuation plan so you can be prepared if a fire does happen. Your plan should be simple, easy to remember and practiced often. Once you have an evacuation plan in place you will increase your chances of survival if a fire does happen.

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