First time on vacation with your partner


The anxiety that you feel on the one hand are a common thing, since your first vacation together will be the first time you will coexist far from the “familiar framework” of everyday life, without separation, without interruptions, without a program: you and him all along. On the other hand, it will also be a valuable opportunity to get closer, to get to know each other better, to recognize your desires and wants, to have quantitative and qualitative time for you, your communication, sexuality your life.

The key for beautiful holidays

The key to having a nice time on your first vacation together is communication! Before you go on holiday, discuss the destination of your first trip, where you would like to stay, think a while during the trip, how you would like to spend your days on vacation.

Be flexible!

The Communication when is combined with flexibility are the most important thing of the quality of a good relationship. You can always suggest some things that you would like to do together and ask him / her to suggest what he / she would like to thank. In this way, you balance your needs and make sure you enjoy both your holiday even if you do not fully agree on the beach you want to swim / the tavern you want to eat / the bar you want to go out. In addition, emphasize your love life, which can make your holidays even more enjoyable, since you will have plenty of time to experiment with your allies the sun, the sea, the intense fragrance that the body creates in the summer, but also this unique sense of liberation offers this season.

Don’t forget to make a research

 You may want to be at a great Ayana Resort & Spa but it needs to be a common decision for the place you are going to visit. Learn what your partner likes, see what you offer and start out a program that will satisfy both of you so that you are both happy.

What to take with you

Leave behind selfishness, defenses, and behaviors that poison your relationship. Even if your coexistence in your holiday is confronted with difficult moments, differences and tensions, it remained calm and took some time to unburden the climate before contacting for what had happened. And of course, do not forget that by returning from your holidays you will have taken another step towards meaningful and valuable realization, if you actually can be together.

Choose a suitcase with secret cases

 When you open the suitcase it is not right for a “lady” to ride your underwear. So choose a suitcase that has pockets and put everything in order and order. A regular suitcase will count for you.

 Take a second sunscreen. Men are known not to be very careful about them. Impress him by showing him that you are thinking about buying a sunscreen just for him.

Pressure and Stress

Forget these words. Are you excited about how your body will see bikini? Be sure that he also has the same stress with you. Also do not forget that you are in love and love each other very much, just as you are.

 Think about which book you will read the moments of your relaxation. For example, if you select the “50 shades of gray” you could send mixed messages. Get something more neutral.

Share the responsibilities

Do not run for all of you like passports, tickets and so on. Let him do something while you are busy preparing your suitcase. If you are in charge of everything, it is more than sure that you are going to forget something back home. Most of the times, this thing is really necessary, and nobody wants that!

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