How To Choose the Right Scrap Baler


It does without saying that there are different scrap balers on the market. Besides from being manufactured from different brands, these tractors of sorts are designed for different uses. It is therefore a great idea for a farmer to do some in-depth research in order to find the perfect open to buy. Below are some of the criteria one can use in their bid to find the best scrap baler for their farm:

The Manufacturers

Just like any product on the market, different brands are specialized in the creation of scrap ballers. The Scrap Baler Manufacturer usually determines the role of their brand as well as the design, which tends to play an incredible role on the farm. The make will determine a hell lot including the advantages as well as disadvantages which you should take into consideration at all times.

Affordability of The Scrap Baler

Apart from the manufacturer, it is very important for a farmer to go for a machine that he or she can afford. There are some that are expensive than others simply because they come with a few more features that can go into making the whole harvesting process a little easier. With that in mind, the farmer should ensure that they’ve exhausted the different types of machines available right before benchmarking with what they re willing to spend.

The General Condition of the Scrap Baler

The make aside, the farmer should also check the condition of the scrap baler. It would be absurd for one to insist on getting their hands on a second hand scrap baler which might be faulty just because it fetches a much lower price. But the latter doesn’t mean that a second-hand scrap baler has to have issues.

There are some which are sold while in incredible condition which is why you’ll need to check it out before making the purchase. That said, it is always advisable for a farmer to buy one that is new since it is highly unlikely to come with mechanical issues and also comes with a warranty.

The Shape of the Scrap Baler

The shape of the scrap baler is very important as far as its specialization goes. There are two kind of shapes when it comes to these important farming machines namely the square and the rectangular scrap baler. The rectangular/square shaped scrap baler is usually the old version while the round scrap baler is the new one.

At the end of the day, it is very important for you to go for whatever you want since they both have advantages as well as disadvantages that have to be considered. The advantages of the round baler include easy handling and storage can be done outdoors. The disadvantages of the round baler include hardship when stocking and unsafe for uneven terrains.

As for the square baler, some of its salient advantages include less spoilage, easy to weigh bale and also very marketable. Some of the bottlenecks that come with this baler include more manpower, requires more time to dry, and is more expensive to run than its round counterpart.


As you’ve already seen, there are clearly different scrap balers manufactured for different purposes. Some may have the specs that you desire while other don’t. It is, therefore, a great and experienced person who can aid in finding the right tractor, then it would be in your best interest to seek their advice.

It is also important for one to go for the new tractors as opposed to the old ones. A new tractor might be quite expensive at purchase. But once you purchase it, you wont have to worry about repairing for the longest time. You can’t say the same thing when it comes to a second hand machine which might need repair right from the butt.

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