How To Design Attractive Tickets For Your Upcoming Event?


If you are organizing an event, then you will have to wear many hats. There are many things that one needs to keep in mind while hosting an event. But to make sure that you get the most out of your event, you will have to analyze every source of income and ticket is one such element.

The event tickets sets expectations in the mind of potential visitors on what an experience your event will be. If you have ever visited a massive and successful event, then you must have kept the ticket of that event as memorabilia-that’s the power of tickets. Such memorabilia becomes a free promotion for future events as well.

This means that devoting time and effort in designing and structuring a good ticket will help you in many ways. But most of the people are not experts in designing tickets, and that’s why, in this blog post, we are going to look at the some of the critical things to look at while designing an enticing ticket for your event.

Start with the information that the visitors will look for

If you are planning to design a ticket for your event, then you should start with making a list of information that the visitors will look for. Event tickets also act as a guide for the visitors, and that’s why you need to provide adequate information in it. Following are some of the most important things to include in an event ticket:

Address- The first thing to include in a ticket is the exact address of the event. Keep it as detailed as possible so that the guests don’t have a tough time trying to locate it. Running here and there will drain them of the anticipation they have for the event.

Details of how to reach the venue– Knowing how to reach the site after reading the address will become very easy for the visitors. But still, you should provide information about public transport, shortest routes, and connection from local airports on your ticket.

Map of the venue– Adding a map of the venue will not only make your ticket stand out of the crowd, but it will assist the visitors to reach the site without any hassle. Maps should always be colorful, and therefore it is recommended to go for full-color ticket printing.

Never compromise with the quality

Many people try to save money on the material they choose for the event tickets, but you should never do it. It’s true that many of the tickets will end up below the seats of your venue, but still, till the time the tickets will stay in the pocket of visitors, it should represent the quality of your event. In addition to this, the paper used for making the ticket should be strong enough to last until the event.

As mentioned in the outset of this article, many people keep tickets as memorabilia, but if the paper quality of your tickets will be bad, then no one will be interested in keeping it or would be able to keep it.

Don’t forget to add the brand on the ticket

Many people forget to add the brand on their ticket, and that’s one of the biggest marketing  blunders. Brand awareness and brand recognition are an essential part of any business strategy. By putting your brand name on the ticket, you also increase the chances of retaining visitors for your upcoming event. You can level up your promotion and dedicate a small section of your ticket for informing the guest about your next event.

Use barcode

Barcodes have become a new normal for everyone, and you can use this new trend on your ticket as well. You can put the barcode of your web page which is dedicated to the event. There are high chances that the people buying the ticket will scan the barcode and therefore, in addition to giving detailed information of the event through the barcode, you will also increase the traffic on your website.

Design an attractive and unique ticket is not a day’s task and therefore you need to devote time and effort on it. From selecting the color combination to choosing the sizes of the ticket, there are many things to look into while designing a quality ticket for your event. From design to full-color ticket printing, everything needs to be done perfectly if you want to make a memorable ticket.

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