How to recharge online in 4 steps


We explain how you can recharge your prepaid phone connection using your service provider’s website, in just 4 steps.

The Internet has simplified our lives to a great extent today. Whatever you need, from groceries to flight tickets, is literally at your fingertips today.

Supporting the digital revolution in the country is the rise of digital devices, from smartphones to smart watches. Your smartphone is, without exaggeration, your lifeline to the world. All your information, whether personal or not, is stored on it. You use your phone to bank or shop with, surf, listen to music, message your contacts, video chat or stream videos, look for information, book movie tickets or holidays, et al. It is catastrophic to forget your phone at home, or worse, misplace it somewhere. You simply cannot function without it!

However, your phone cannot provide optimum service or stay connected to the world if your postpaid or prepaid connection is not working. You might suffer from patchy network, or abrupt outages. Or your data might be consumed so fast, you might need to recharge your pack often. Whatever the case may be, you must have a working prepaid connection at all times to be able to stay connected.

Even more important, you must do the online recharge on your prepaid phone connection every time the pack validity is over, or if the balance on the SIM card is low. Recharging online is fairly simple, and requires just a few steps and a few minutes of your time.

Follow these steps to do the online recharge quickly and easily, using the service provider’s website:

1: Access the service provider’s website, and look for ‘Prepaid’ on the home screen. Here, you will find an option for ‘Recharge’. Click on it to find ‘Prepaid recharge’ for phone and DTH.

2: Choose the recharge option for phone prepaid. You will now be prompted to enter your 10-digit phone number. Enter it to proceed further.

3: You will now see the prepaid recharge packs on offer from your service provider, or you can continue to recharge your current pack.

4: Proceed to pay the recharge amount, as directed, using any of the multiple payment modes presented to you (mobile wallet, net banking, debit/credit card, UPI apps, etc.) Once the money is debited from your account, the recharge process is considered completed and you can continue using your phone as before.

Online recharge is also possible using the mobile service provider’s smartphone app. You can set up the app on your phone and do the recharge as directed, in just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, UPI apps like BHIM and PhonePe also allow online recharge for phone as well as DTH. The process is fairly straightforward: Choose your service provider’s prepaid icon on the home screen, and proceed to pay from your preferred bank account. The recharge is done instantly.

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