Important Steps While Applying Concealers


People love to use concealers on their faces and necks. These are an instant solution to cover up several issues like dark circles, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. There are different kinds of concealers that are destined for different purposes. Therefore, they are a must inclusion in the kit of all beauticians. If you want to learn about concealers, you can talk to them. They will give you a detailed description of the different types of concealers.

 You can also gather information on concealers from different beauty-related websites. One such website is The Cuddl. This website offers some of the most comprehensive lists of concealers for all purposes. Many people have benefitted from these information since they have seen on The Cuddl. They have also learned about how to use them. Let us look at some of those steps.

Steps to prepare your skin

Before applying concealer to your face, it is important to clean your face. The best approach is to double cleanse them and then applying some exfoliator. The exfoliators remove any dead skin cells and open up pores. It also even out the skin tone. Next, you must apply moisturizers after exfoliating. This process makes your skin smooth and keeps it hydrated. You must complete this step even if you have oily skin. Moisturizers containing SPF protect against sun damage.

Applying face makeup

After you have applied your moisturizer, you must apply some makeup. The primer is the best option in this case since it can hold both the foundation and concealer in place. After applying the primer, you should apply your tinted moisturizer, foundation, or CC/BB cream. You can apply your concealer before the foundation. However, it will cause creasing and look cakey. Therefore, if you want a smooth effect, apply foundation before using concealers.

Apply concealer on different regions as required

Now it is time to apply the concealer. If you are using a concealer for specific purposes, you should apply them to those regions accordingly. For example, if you use an under-eye concealer, apply them in inverted triangles under your eyes. You can also use them on blemishes, fine lines, or wrinkles. After applying the concealer, you need to dab it either with the help of the ring finger or with a concealer brush.

Avoid smearing or dragging the concealer while applying it. The ring finger is the most preferred option since it is the weakest. In addition, it will not put extra pressure while dragging.

Set the concealer with the setting powder

After you have applied the concealer, you should use the setting powder. It will help you to finalize the look and prevent the concealer from creasing. You need to make sure that you have used the concealer in all required parts before applying this powder. You can also use a setting spray to lock the look.

These are the basic steps to use a concealer. These steps apply to all the concealers as seen on The Cuddl. Look for the right concealer that can serve your requirements, and then make the purchase.

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