Increase Your Home Security With Iron Doors  


Iron doors are not just an attractive feature for your home’s architectural style, they are also sturdy and made of a heavyweight material that provides the homeowner with an added layer of security as well as protection from the elements. When you install any sort of metal door you’ll be adding an element of strength, which will visually and physically easily deter burglars and trespassers. When selecting iron doors Dallas homeowners don’t have to choose function over style – iron doors now come in a variety of designs and styles to fit in with any architecture!

Since the majority of burglars enter right through the front door, it’s important to make sure unwanted guests aren’t able to enter and help themselves to your belongings. With a custom iron door, you can keep your family safe and provide your home with a beautiful entry. Look for the option to have a special anti-theft three-point locking system with a handle for your security door, which features a standard deadbolt as well as top and bottom of the door reinforcements for extra security.

Not only are iron doors safer than standard doors, but they are also beautiful. The best part about iron doors is that they are customizable, look spectacular with any type of architectural design, and they increase your home value. Iron doors not only let possible burglars know you mean business, but they also have certain invisible security features – like impact glass and an anti-theft series multipoint locking system. When you look at iron doors Dallas residents can’t tell that there are extra measures built in to make them more secure, because they are so beautiful. You’ll be happy to discover when selecting your new iron doors all the many ways you can make your door safe, functional, and beautiful.

Security Benefits of Iron Doors

  • More durable than standard doors
  • Heavyweight; not easily damaged or moved
  • Protection from inclement weather
  • Protection from a home invasion
  • Stronger than fiberglass or wood
  • Opening glass windows and screening options
  • Ability to cross draft during warm weather
  • Higher efficiency with dual sealing and weather stripping around the Low-E glass

Installing iron doors will not only increase the value of your home but also boost your security measures! When installing iron doors into your home’s entry, you will know you are buying a beautiful luxury while providing protection from theft and the elements.

Iron doors don’t just add value to homeowners’ peace of mind – potential homebuyers are just as likely to notice security features, including ornamental iron security doors. When installing your new iron doors, make sure to work with professional craftspeople who can help you choose the best door to complement your home’s architectural style while also installing them properly.

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