Learn About Some Interesting Features Of Can-Am Maverick


Can-Am’s recent introduction in the field of automobile is the all-new 2018 Maverick Trail. This bike comes with several exciting advancements and enhancements that would surely enhance the pleasure of driving for its users.

Different versions

Can-Am is introduced in 2 or more versions, the non-power and power steering equipped versions. Users are provided with 2 engine platforms to select from. The cote a cote BRP Maverick trail 800 has got a 51 horsepower 799.9cc Rotax V-twin that works phenomenally well in propelling the bike down the trail. One of the most impressive versions of Can-Am Maverick is the 75 horsepower 976cc Rotax V-twin machine.

Excellent Response

Each model of Can-Am’s Maverick gives excellent control and response. Excellent trail manners, particularly in technical and tighter terrain, are the features of this machine. This machine was found to exhibit outstanding performance past the 12K foot mark on a mountain with complicated rock segments, tight mud, switchbacks, wind, snow, and cold. It was a stable drive throughout the way up and down again.

Robust Transmission

The Quick Response System CVT transmission system comes with a very low range design for thrilling terrain. Addition of electronic descent engine braking platform offers optimal control when you are coming down or going up. The complete idea is to offer the passenger as well as the driver with the highest level of confidence.

Can Am systems allow one to push themselves a little, by being aware of the fact that the machine can deal with it easily. Riding a Can Am drive is indeed a lot of fun-filled and pleasurable experience.

Strong wheelbase

To some people, it looks like an optical illusion, but it is not in reality. Can-Am has manufactured the Maverick bike to be long with a 90.6-inch wheelbase. This wide wheelbase provides tight handling and a firm ride to the driver and passenger.

Effective Suspension

This machine has inbuilt big sized shocks that offer 10.5 inches of travel. They do a marvelous job in soaking up jolts and collisions along the trail. The suspension system is found to be capable enough to deal remarkably at slow speeds.

Secure handling

Beefy sway bars present at both ends gives a secure and solid feel towards handling of the bike.


So, these are some of the distinctive features that defines Can Am Maverick to be better than any other model. With a lot of power and an extensive list of working accessories, the Can-Am Maverick would definitely make any owner happy.

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