Mobile version of Red Dogs House Casino


Nowadays we do everything from our phone. We communicate, pay our bills, shop, buy groceries, cook, check the latest news and even work from those small devices which no longer fit the palm of our hand. But as they have begun to grow stronger so have our demands of them. Good thing that Red Dog online casino is aware of our growing appetite and have created a website that is optimized for mobile phones.

We tested the site on both an Android and an iOS phone. All the games we tried worked perfectly and the registration procedure was smooth and easy. We were even able to use Apple Pay and Google Pay to make our deposits which was an extra unexpected bonus. They sure made our road to spinning those slots quicker. There was one bug that we did encounter though from a colleague’s Windows phone. The bug was minor in that it did lower the plank just a bit. However, to be fair, we should ask the questions which is on all our minds. Who even uses Windows phone nowadays? This is probably the question the website developers asked before deciding not to the all the extra work for those 7 people who may still visit their website from a Windows phone. Besides, they have done such a good job with the mobile version of the site on all the other devices that we quickly forgot about this downfall.

What surprised us most was that there is also a Red Dog Casino download available for mobile devices. This means that not only did their team take the time to completely iron out the mobile adaptive website, but they also created a downloadable version for those who like to have something separate on their phone for all the various services they use. Great client focus from their side, for sure. Because while some may not want to clutter their phone memory with extra applications, some have the extra space and want to use it for something that brings them fun and a bit of winnings every once in a while.

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