Multidisciplinary Nature of Dental Treatments


Many of the cases require a multidisciplinary approach in dentistry. One such situation where a lot of specialist work in unison and work for the treatment of the patient, rehabilitating him is the cleft lip and palate cases. Cleft lip and palate is seen in 1: 1000 children born and more common in boys and in Mongolians. The moment the child is born, many doctors come into the picture continuously working for the betterment of the patient.

These children require a pediatrician because of the birth weight and other related general health problems. Right after the birth, the main requirement is the feeding which is a problem in such cases. A pediatric dentist takes an impression in presence of a pediatrician and makes a feeding obturator for the patient.

Specialist cleft lip and palate surgeons and oral surgeons work at differs ages to repair first the cleft lip and then the cleft palate of the patient. The child is still in constant need of this multidisciplinary approach and requires a speech therapist next. These patients have a nasal twang in their voice. So the speech therapist helps them learn the sounds and speak better.

The most important role is played by the orthodontist because the teeth when erupting in such cases are not in alignment so the orthodontist plans to get a perfect occlusion for them. Also the upper jaw stays deficient in such cases and so after a secondary bone grafting by an oral surgeon, an orthodontist puts an expansion appliance in the upper jaw and expands the jaw for a better facial appearance.

Orthodontists specialize in these treatments but it is a dire requirement to choose one who is the best and in close vicinity to where you live because in such cases the number of appointments is more and the duration of treatments extend too many years hence the place should be easily accessible.

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