Oakley Sunglasses Buying Guide: Things to Know About PRIZM Lenses


You have probably heard about the Oakley brand. They have created numerous innovations in shades, which made the most technologically advanced brand in the world.

For instance, they have created more than eight hundred patents, including materials such as PRIZM, O Matter, Unobtainium, which are standard options you should learn more about before you make up your mind. You can check this site https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oakley,_Inc. to learn more about this particular brand in general.

We decided to show everything you should consider before choosing a suitable option for your particular needs and requirements.

PRIZM Lens Technology

The first thing you should remember is that Oakley created PRIZM lens technology that reshaped a world of shades. The main goal is to get perfectly tuned lenses that will match the environment you are in, something other brands have not understood yet.

Of course, the process is not something that they created overnight. After 15 years of R&D, they made PRIZM. The first thing they did was measuring the visible light spectrums in various environments.

Then they have studied the human eye to see how it responds to various colours we see when they created and implemented a specific dye that can match almost any environment on the market.

Keep in mind that dye within PRIZM lenses knows how to boost contrast and manipulate the light spectrum, which will allow you to see everything around you clearly and more vividly than before.

We can differentiate three different aspects of PRIZM technologies, including:

  • Sport – The first thing you should remember is that no matter whether you compete in a stadium or streets, this particular type of lenses will boost your performance and productivity. Therefore, you can enjoy baseball to fishing because you can enjoy perfect contrast and see every detail around you. That will help you boost reaction time, which will give you an additional advantage. You can easily find a wide array of Oakley Sunglasses that will provide you a peace of mind when it comes to sport performances.
  • Every day – This particular type of PRIZM lenses is the one you should remember because you can use it for everyday needs and requirements. Generally, they will make everything around you vivid and vibrant, which will provide you more exciting and pleasing experience compared with other options that you can choose on the market.
  • HD-Polarized – Finally, you can enjoy polarized lenses that come with less glare than before, which is why you should choose this particular option. Keep in mind that their patented technology will block 100% of reflective glare, much better than other models and brands. They are successful, which means that you will get an axis of polarization on both lenses. On the other hand, different brands use different polarization options of the axis, which means that some portion of glare will pass through them and into your eyes. That may lead to severe headaches and eye fatigue, which you can prevent by using Oakley options.

You can also find Oakley options with a custom prescription, which will give you a chance to customize them based on your preferences. That way, you can enjoy specific glasses that will meet your needs and provide you with everything you wanted in the first place.

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