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The number of active gamblers only seems to grow: online casino developers always try to create something interesting and special to attract more new customers. Games become more sophisticated, their graphics become more beautiful and impressive and their systems become more advanced. A typical modern gambler is hard to impress but gambling soft developers and online casino owners try their best to provide quality content and a fair gambling experience to all their potential clients from Australia and other countries.

Gambling has a huge history: from ancient times people bet on sports and various events of their lives to spend time well and to earn some money. This hobby is liked by many enthusiasts not only in Australia but also abroad: those who have this passion inside them don’t miss an opportunity to make a bet. Gambling is exciting for people dreaming about winning lots of money and people just enjoying the process of playing and its special atmosphere. Some people mostly enjoy modern casino slots with lots of reels and beautiful visual designs while others prefer table games and lotto. Gambling can have lots of variations: it’s always something that can entertain a person who has at least a bit of interest in it.

Nowadays gamblers don’t want to visit land-based casinos or spend hours in front of their computers at home anymore: mobile gambling is a huge thing that allows everyone to stay tuned at any moment. A small gadget in your pocket can open lots of opportunities in front of you – and that’s why gambling goes online. There are lots of quality online pokies that can be easily found on mobile gadgets: whether you prefer to use your favourite smartphone or a big and comfortable tablet, you can gamble conveniently at any place. Travelling or waiting in lines is not a problem for you anymore: by playing online pokies you spend your leisure time well and gain the opportunity to win lots of money!

What games you can find online

Online gambling has lots of things to offer: the number of games available online is hard to count. A leading online casino usually offers a few hundreds of real pokies you can play via your personal computer but unfortunately, not all of them can be played via mobile devices. Some games aren’t just compatible with relatively small screens of smartphones and tablets: that’s why the number of casino games for your phone is usually much smaller. Simultaneously, the games you actually can play on mobile tend to demonstrate high quality and are usually very popular and attractive. Casino owners who choose to have their business online try their best to pick on;y the best games that can interest their potential clients.

Most leading casinos offer a few types of casino games their customers can choose from: an average online casino has real pokies, table games, lotteries and others. Online pokies can be divided into several groups as well: you can easily find a slot game that is perfect for you according to its characteristics. New games are created all the time, but most slots fit into one of these categories:

  • Classic online pokies are very similar to traditional old-school slot machines you can see in many land-based casinos or movies. They are widely popular all over the world and they can create a very special atmosphere of a casino even when a player uses them online from their mobile gadget. These sounds and visual effects might seem pretty simple to some players but these machines definitely have their charm: most experienced players who feel nostalgic or newbies looking for something simple to start like classic pokies a lot. These machines usually have only three reels and not many pay lines, so they are easy to understand – a player should only remember some wild and scatter symbols to understand the game pretty well. Classic slots can be found on many casino sites and mobile apps because they’re simple and easy to adapt to mobile gadgets;
  • Video slots might be pretty similar to classic ones but they definitely have more advanced graphic designs and effects. These slots attract players by their beautiful looks and sounds and more sophisticated game mechanics as well: there are usually five reels and more pay lines there, and there are more bonuses and additional features there as well. A player interested in playing a beautiful slot game while having lots of extra features and bonuses can choose video slots to satisfy their tastes. Nothing is impossible there: you can easily find video slots about your favourite characters from comics and movies, and it can make your gambling experience even better;
  • Video pokies are not the limit: for those who want to play something even more advanced – there are 3D pokies. These games can impress most players with their modern and high-quality designs and advanced mechanics. Though these games can sometimes be too sophisticated for newcomers, they definitely attract lots of players because of their looks.
  • A quality 3D pokie can become a great source of entertainment: imagine playing a good-looking quality game while winning real money – that’s something that can attract lots of players all over the world;
  • There are also progressive jackpot games that are usually based on five-reeled or video pokies: these games have more advanced gambling mechanics allowing every customer to win even more. These jackpots might be too complicated for some newbies but more experienced players who want to play bigger love them a lot – many players can win lots of money there.

A good mobile casino usually has a few real pokies to satisfy their players’ needs. Raging Bull Pokies is a perfect mobile service created to provide the best possible gambling experience to all mobile gamblers. The online casino contains four quality games to entertain its customers and make real money while doing their favourite hobbies. The service is safe and works fine with all Android devices. You can download the app on your smartphone or tablet from Google Play to open the world of real pokies at any moment. Attractive, sophisticated and enjoyable slot games are waiting for you: download the app to win real money and change your life forever!

The service limits the number of their games by four at the moment (two more are coming soon) to concentrate on their quality: all these games can help any player to experience mobile gambling at its best and to win real money and prizes. Raging Bull Pokies provides fair and safe mobile gambling to Australian clients and allows them to play these four casino slots:

  • Ocean Fauna is a simple and pleasant slot game based on a theme that is always popular and entertaining: gamblers all over the world know lots of sea- or ocean-related real pokies with beautiful graphic designs and visual effects. For instance, there are many pokies about pirates and adventures travellers have while seeing new places and exploring the world. The Ocean Fauna slot is filled with underwater creatures cutely drawn by talented artists: you can see seaweeds, shells, fish and other ocean-related images there. The slot has pleasant sound effects and music, so every person can relax and have fun there. Enjoy this fair and pleasant slot to face the amazing underwater atmosphere with its beautiful backgrounds and amazing creatures living there;
  • For those who aren’t excited by underwater depths, there’s another slot – Magic Forest! The game is as mysterious and charming as its name: beautiful forest landscapes and its vibrant atmosphere are created by talented digital artists and used by gambling soft developers to create this quality game. If you’re a nature lover or a fan of fantasy worlds, then this game is definitely for you: you can see fairies and other fantasy creatures in the game while enjoying its mechanics and gambling process. Imagine having a walk through the beautiful forest filled with the atmosphere of a fairy-tale: the slot is created for people who value the vibes a good slot game can give. Enjoy attractive pictures and sceneries while playing a quality slot game and winning real money in Magic Forest;
  • If you don’t find these slots entertaining enough, then you can enjoy the next slot based on one of the most popular themes ever – space! Space 10 is a slot game continuing the list of space-related content of many fields: lots of players are fond of space movies, games and books and dream of sci-fi adventures and spaceships. This pokie can help you: try this old-school slot machine to feel like a pilot of a spaceship flying to new adventures;
  • If you’re a person who’s more interested in real history than fantasy or fiction worlds, then play Cleopatra’s Secret: the slot game is based on the history and culture of ancient Egypt, so you’ll find lots of references there. Many people are excited by Ancient Egypt: it has huge and interesting mythology and many artefacts of the past can be seen even now after a few thousands of years. The country and its image are usually connected with local kings and gods living in gold and treasures: that’s exactly what attracts lots of gamblers to real pokies! King’s riches and their mysteries, amazing pictures, and many references to local history make this game visually pleasing and attractive. Play this fair and entertaining slot to win real money and to become a part of these beautiful legends and tales!

High-quality online pokies of Raging Bull Casino can entertain experienced gamblers and potential customers of online casinos who just started their way of exploring the world of gambling. Enjoy the slots on your Android gadget and win real money there!

What else you should know about online gambling

Though gambling has become a big part of people’s lives now, there are lots of inexperienced people who would like to try gambling but aren’t sure about it because they don’t know many important details about it. There might be some important questions newbies want to ask but are too shy or confused to do so: that’s why there are lots of online casino websites with FAQ to provide their clients with information. There are some important things about Australian gambling you might find helpful to know:

  • Most newbies are interested in whether it’s legal to play online casinos in Australia. The answer is pretty simple – yes, it’s legal after you turn 18 years old. There are lots of people gambling online in Australia, and most of them choose to play casinos via their mobile gadgets;
  • Many newcomers are also interested in whether they can trust Australian online casinos while playing for real money. They surely can: leading Australian casinos have licenses from famous organizations controlling the quality and fairness of online casinos. Therefore, a licensed casino definitely can be trusted because it’s reliable enough to keep its license (which can be lost if a casino demonstrates some issues or lack of quality);
  • An inexperienced player doesn’t always know what to pay attention to while looking for a good casino. It goes without saying that a good casino should be safe and fair: every player should be guaranteed their data being protected, their winnings being paid on time and their chances being fair. Unfortunately, some casino owners don’t follow the rules and don’t want their customers to win: they might use hacked versions of popular games or just slots with low RTP rates created especially for them. Therefore, it’s always better to use pokies made by famous casino soft developers such as Microgaming and others;
  • Most newbies are interested in whether it’s possible to find any special strategies on how to win lots of money by playing online casino slots. In fact, modern casino pokies have RNG built in them which makes all gambling processes completely random: nothing can predict the result, so it’s impossible to influence it with any strategies. Meanwhile, a player can change the number of lines and the size of a bet: this allows players to control their gambling. In fact, people who bet more tend to win more often: this mechanism encourages players to be a bit riskier and to play for real;
  • Some newcomers can’t understand why online casinos offer free pokies to play. In fact, the situation is pretty simple: everyone can visit a casino website to play free games without taking any other potential client’s space or time, so a casino doesn’t lose money by offering some pokies for free to practise. Of course, a player can’t win real money by playing free games as well: this approach only allows players to practise and to test some games without any risks. A land-based casino can’t afford to do so: every machine in a casino can make money to the casino, so free games are just a waste of time and money;
  • Some players are afraid of paying high taxes on their winnings. Fortunately, the Australian government is extremely loyal to gambling and sees it as a form of relaxation or recreational activity. Therefore, you can win impressive sums of money there without paying any taxes – and this detail attracts lots of potential players;
  • When people dream about winning lots of money, they often become worried about banking systems. In fact, it’s pretty simple to withdraw the money you won: most Australian casinos use popular banking systems that allow players to make deposits and to withdraw their money. It’s pretty comfortable: you don’t have to find any special ways to get your payment. Of course, it’s not always fast: sometimes it takes a few days to receive your money but it’s definitely worth it!

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