Poker sign up bonuses


In this article, I would like to talk about sign up bonuses that poker sites offer players around the world to play on their platforms. In fact, the first perk you will come across when you choose to explore online poker is sign-up bonus. Most sites literally beg players to create accounts on the platforms so that they can be given the free bonuses. How big the sign up bonus usually is depends on the site you are signing up on. That is why you should not sign up at the first site you come across, but instead, do research what advantages other sites offer and the size of their sign-up bonus.

In most cases, you won’t be able to withdraw the sign-up bonus because that will be tantamount to giving you free money and there is no business in the world that does that. In return for the sign-up bonus, you will need to show loyalty by returning to and playing on the platform for a given period of time or a given number of times.

Let us take a look at what we mean by sign-up bonus.

What is a sign-up bonus?

A sign-up bonus is an incentive that sites use to lure people to play poker online on the platform. The incentive is given in the form of money that is deposited into your poker account, which you can use to play poker. That means that you don’t need to make a deposit into your account in order for you to be able to play poker on the platforms. You can use the bonus to play poker and win some real money. However, similarly, you can also lose the bonus if you don’t apply a good strategy when playing. When you exhaust your sign-up bonus, you will need to deposit funds into your account to continue playing poker.

The bonus may be paid all at once in the form of a single deposit, or it may be paid incrementally as you continue to play.

Is there a maximum bonus I can receive?

Yes, there is usually a cap on how much money you can receive in your account as a bonus. The cap also varies with the type of bonus in consideration. If you are talking about sign-up bonus, the company will usually state categorically on its platform that it will give you a sign-up deposit of a given amount. Thus, when you create an account and become verified on the site, the sign-up bonus is deposited into your account.

If on the other hand you are considering first deposit bonus, poker companies also place a cap on how much they can offer in order to protect themselves. The cap exists to protect the company from heavy rollers who can deposit several thousands of dollars and expect the company to match the deposit in bonus.

What is a raked hand?

This refers to the scaled commission that the poker company takes from your winnings when you win at online poker on their platform. The amount ranges from 2.5 to 10% of the pot. There is usually a predetermined maximum the company can takes.

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