Psychological causes of Erectile dysfunction


When erectile dysfunction is talked, people often neglect the importance of psychological issues which could be a reason for it. Most of the times, people focus on the physical conditions. This is true that psychological conditions could be a result of any physical condition and you might not be able to get rid of the ED issue because the physical condition would be there! In this situation, you have to treat both physical and psychological ailments to get the things done in the right way. However, if it is psychological, you need to be more careful because most of the time, the real cause would never be determined and without knowing the cause of ailment, it is impossible to treat erectile dysfunction. When you consult a doctor, he would look or the reason of erectile dysfunction before suggesting any medications. For a quick turnaround, he might suggest you take D-Force met dapoxetine and enjoy your sexual relationship while he figures out the real cause to determine the accurate route of removing the issue from roots.

Importance of psychological factors:

Psychological factors are the least discussed factors, and a person would never feel comfortable in taking about these factors with a person he knows. Therefore, it is important to consult a psychologist in this behalf with whom you can share all your anxieties and stresses in a friendly manner. It does not necessarily mean that you have a sexual anxiety. Anxiety can be of any type and you can face erectile dysfunction because of stress, depression as well. Nearly 20 – 30 % cases of erectile dysfunction are because of psychological issues and before suggesting any medicine, doctors would try to figure out those psychological conditions which could be the real cause. If psychological reasons are because of some physical conditions, your doctor would first give you medications to treat that physical condition to ensure that you are getting better by curing that said ailment.

Psychological reasons:

Following are the psychological reasons which can cause erectile dysfunction in many males and you must consider removing these factors out of your life if you are looking to spend a successful sexual and marital life.

  • Stress related issues: stress is one of the major contributory factors towards erectile dysfunction and you can face this use because of many reasons. For instance, stress can be elevated because of job, money, and a bad relationship. It is important to reduce stress in your life if you are looking to treat this sexual disorder.
  • Lower self-esteem: A low self esteem can also be a culprit of sexual malfunctioning of your penis. Lower self esteem in this case is mostly caused by a previous episode of ED and people would start facing issues on a regular basis thinking that their performance would not be the same again.
  • Guilt and depression: Depression is also caused by the guilt that a person is not able to satisfy his partner in the right way. This is one of the main reasons why most men are unable to perform well in bed.

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