Reward Point Redemption: 5 Smart Ways to Turn Your Reward Points into Air Miles


If you are a member of a frequent flying program, there are now many types of reward points too that can be converted into air miles to help you collect the miles faster. Read this post to know 5 of the most popular options.

Many of the frequent flying programs in India now let you earn air miles in many different ways. From shopping, using a credit card, hotel bookings, to even dining, there are several ways to collect air miles and then use them for free flight tickets and a host of other travel benefits.

Moreover, some of the top air carriers now also allow you to convert reward points of other types of loyalty programs into air miles. What are the most popular ways to earn reward points and convert them into air miles? Here is a list of top 5 that you should try-

  1. Using Credit Cards

Credit cards from most of the top banks such as HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank, and more now come with a host of features and benefits. Most of the banks now also have their own rewards program to help their customers enjoy maximum benefits.

Many credit cards now allow you to earn reward points which can be redeemed for online shopping, discounts, and much more. One of the smartest ways to collect more air miles is to convert your credit card reward points into air miles. If you are a member of a frequent flying program, look for such credit cards whose reward points can be converted into air miles to collect the air miles faster.

  1. Hotel Bookings

Many of the top chains of hotels in India such as Hilton, Marriott, ITC, and Shangrila also have their loyalty programs. Join these loyalty programs, and you can earn reward points every time you stay at their hotel. The reward points can then be used to get discounts on hotel bookings and many other travel benefits.

The reward points from such hotel loyalty programs can also be converted into air miles. This can make it easier for you to reach your air miles target with which you can get yourself a free domestic or international flight ticket.

  1. Purchasing Fuel

Do you know that some of the premium fuel brands in India also have their loyalty programs? For instance, IndianOil is one of the biggest fuel brands in India, and recently it introduced the XtraRewards Card to benefit its customers.

With such programs, you get reward points every time you refuel your vehicle. Some of the air carriers in India now allow you to convert these reward points into air miles too.

  1. Online/Offline Shopping

There are also a few multi-brand reward programs in India. These programs allow you to earn reward points when you shop from the brands who are associated with the program. The collected points can be redeemed for instant shopping vouchers, discounts, and also to shop from the online catalogue of the program.

PAYBACK with more than 100 online and offline partners is an excellent example of one such program in India. The reward points from such shopping programs can also be converted into air miles of your frequent flying program.

  1. Airport Loyalty Programs

If you are a frequent flyer, you might also know that there are now airport loyalty programs. These programs partner with stores and service providers at airports throughout the world. Purchase something from such partner shops or hire their services to earn reward points.

For instance, Thanks Again is a popular airport loyalty program. It offers multiple reward points redemption options, including converting them into air miles.

Smarter Way to Use Reward Points

If you are aiming for a free flight ticket with your frequent flyer program, converting reward points of the options listed above into air miles would definitely help you get closer to your award flight ticket.

Moreover, this option of converting reward points into air miles is also highly beneficial to people who do not fly regularly. If you are not a frequent flyer, you can earn reward points with the options listed above and then convert the same into air miles to get yourself a free flight ticket or other travel benefits offered by the frequent flying program.

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