Should You Be Playing Video Games During Quarantine?


The coronavirus pandemic seems to have brought the world to a standstill. It has wreaked havoc in our lives as well: closed businesses, travel plans deferred, and the global economy in chaos.

It’s also taken a toll on people’s mental health. Many people are now looking for a way to escape the constant barrage of bad news. Many have turned to video streaming services, thus upending how big-name film studios are creating content to reach a bigger audience. However, all the content available at your fingertips might also lead to feeling overwhelmed (and that doesn’t really help your mental well-being).

Video Games vs. Other Hobbies 

There are many posts on social media urging people to make use of the quarantine time productively. Learn a new skill, they said. Workout at home and improve your health, they urged. Unfortunately, it is posts like these that are adding to the mental anguish being caused by the pandemic. Experts now agree that you shouldn’t add more pressure on yourself. In other words, don’t listen to the Internet and stop trying to be a new person during this time.

Reading, unfortunately, may not also be an option for some people. Some people have pointed out that reading books often leads to wandering minds. The ongoing battle with this global pandemic has even changed the way we enjoy reading books. You can’t even get lost in the worlds you once enjoyed.

Why Play Video Games

What’s the advantage of playing video games? It’s true escapism. You play as a character, in an imagined world, and with a goal in mind. This takes you out of your day-to-day life and lets you focus on the game at hand. If you’re working from home, this is a great way to unwind as it helps you relax but also sharpens your mind at the same time.

For families, this is a great way to bond with the children. Being forced to homeschool is bad enough, and for parents who are used to sending their kids to school, it added to the anxiety they felt. Gaming allows you to metaphorically transition from teacher and student to parent and child. Sometimes, on all this chaos and uncertainty, that almost feels like bygone times. Playing video games would bring back the fun and laughter you used to share before all this lockdown madness started.

Invest in Gaming Equipment

Yes, you would need special equipment for playing video games but trust us, these are good investments. Did you know you can even build your own gaming PC? You don’t even need to have above-average tech skills to create one. Some simple builds would be enough to power even the most visually complex games, like Star Wars.

The Nintendo Switch is perfect for a gaming family with elementary-aged children. Look for titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Super Mario Party, or Clubhouse Games. Other games like Jackbox Games are available online, making it possible for you to play with your friends (while also remaining socially distant).

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