Solid Reasons to Choose 301 WordPress Redirect Plugin


URL redirects are used to send all the web page visitors directly to a new destination page URL. You can also use these redirects to send users to a totally different domain name too.

URL redirects are used for many reasons

  • Duplicate or similar contents on the blogs posts can confuse the search engine bots. They will be unable to identify, which the correct content are. In this situation, the URL redirect helps to send or transfer the users to the page that has the most updated, or right contents.
  • If a business has several domains, then they can use the home page URL redirects to protect their online branding. Many big organizations purchase multiple domains to avoid competitors from purchasing the nearly-similar domains. All those multiple domains can be made to redirect the visitors to the main landing page.
  • When your website changes the domain name, you will need to us a redirect. It helps to send guests coming to the old domain towards the new one.

Why choose a WP redirect plugin for a WordPress site? 

Redirect WordPress plugin can help users handle the 301, and the 302 redirects with ease.

The 301 WP redirect plugin has notable features, some of them are –

  • It is compatible with every WordPress themes, and plugin.
  • It actively monitors the visitors that are landing on 404 pages, and whenever possible, it redirects them to the relevant new pages.
  • If any pages or posts get edited, the plugin redirects it automatically. Now, the search engines know where to look for them.
  • In-built charts allow users to gain information about the happenings, without any need of complex tools like Google Analytics.
  • Categories like posts, pages, archives, custom post types, etc. make it easy to choose redirects.
  • Option to configure a tailored destination URL is helpful.
  • It has the features that make bulk redirect management import or export easy.
  • The overhead of this plugin is nominal. It does not load extra JS or CSS files, so there are no worries about the site slowing down.

The key advantages of using 301 WP redirect plugin are to redirect traffic from an old page to a new one. You will not lose any followers or visitors.

Many website owners ignore setting redirects, and so their audience land on 404 not found page error. This frustrates them and they leave instantly, possibly forever. A 400 error is horrible for user experience, and it also damages your SEO efforts, and reduces the page ranking.

The old pages may have good link equity, but if you don’t use redirects, they vanish eternally. You can instead use redirects to salvage those rankings. You can also send those traffic to a coming soon WordPress page.

The 301 WP redirect plugin ensures to transfer 90% of your link equity to the new and relevant URL version. So it is wise to install the plugin, which is easy and reliable. It has an easy redirect manager, which helps to create and manage the 301 & 302 redirects. The interface is simple, and performance is errorless. In case of support, you can get in touch with their fast and friendly support team anytime.

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