September 11, 2020
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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Choose a Qualified Home Mover

The Beginner’s Guide to Choose a Qualified Home Mover

  • by Michael Finn
  • 3 Years ago
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The first time you use the services of packers and movers to move to a new house, the experience can be very taxing. There are many stories about the ordeals of moving houses that you will feel tense even before you start your journey. However, there are many things you can do to protect yourself and your belongings the first time you use the services of moving companies in Toronto.  The main reason for hiring a moving company is to take the load off from your shoulders, and there is no reason you should not take off that mental stress and choose the right movers.

The first step is to allow the movers to come to your house to give you a visual survey, give you an estimate of the number of boxes needed, and, of course, the price. They will let you know about anything that falls outside the purview of a standard contract like a piano. One should also ask whether they follow the Guidelines of the Canadian Movers. The Canadian government lays down the guidelines that must be followed by all professional moving services in Toronto. The guidelines will also help you understand what you should expect from a professional moving company.

One should do thorough research before choosing a home mover as many factors come into play at the time of making a final decision. Do not make the mistake of taking a quote from a single moving company. It is an excellent practice to take quotes from multiple companies so that you can compare the charges of the various movers. If there is a wide variation, it would be prudent to get a few more quotes to know about the actual cost.

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Not many people are aware, but it is a great thing to get you acquainted with the Consumer Protection Act to know that the quotes and the contracts fall within the legal parameters. The estimate must be included in the contract because a contract without an estimate is a kind of trap that you would not love to fall into. You could not be charged more than 10% of the estimate in strictly legal terms unless the moving company was forced to make additional purchases or give you other services.

Lastly, get the insurance provider’s name for the moving company and the policy number as this will help you know whether they have a valid insurance policy in place. You may also ask the company who will be responsible for any damage or loss.


You must take all the time in the world to choose the moving service as you have every right, as a consumer, to ask a lot of questions. The established moving companies like Let’s Get Moving will be happy to provide a quote and answer all kinds of queries that you may have. Companies like them will follow all guidelines and deliver a service that will be within all legal parameters. When you choose a dependable and responsible moving company, your stress and anxiety will be much lower.

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