The reasons you should pick PDF over other file formats


There are very many reasons that make working with a PDF document as opposed to an original file like MS Word. PDF documents present ease and convenience of use compared to most other file formats. PDF documents are useful to people in all kinds of professions. For instance, if you happen to be a lawyer, PDF documents are very useful when you need to exchange documents with other lawyers, clients, and other stakeholders that you deal with in your line of work. In court processes, the law requires that document used should be in format that makes it possible to leave behind a digital footprint when the document is altered.

PDF documents have a lot of benefits in the business world in general. In the humane resource department of any company, companies provide prospective and current employees with different types of paperwork such as forms and documents. Businesses are also involved in the creation and distribution of training manuals, brochures, and invoices which are sent out to different stakeholders who deal with the company.

In business, documents are generally created using programs that allow them to be edited such as Microsoft Word. However, after the documents are created, they need to be sent out in a format that does not allow for editing or alteration of any kind. The document also needs to be sent in a format that allows it to be rendered in the same way that it was created and there is no other file format that does that better than PDF.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons why businesses distribute documents in the form of PDF.

Reasons why you should distribute documents as PDF

The first reason why it is advisable to send out document in the PDF format is that it helps to retain the original format. For instance, if you use special fonts and formatting to create a document in word, it is possible that when you send it out, the person who opens it might not have the same software or software updates that you have installed on your computer so that they can also view the document in the same format that you created it in. It is possible that the document can be altered too so that shapes and texts don’t occupy the same position they did when you created it.

If you don’t want this to happen, then you can easily convert PDF to word so that it can retain its original formatting no matter the type of device is used to view it. PDF documents can also be opened on any type of operating system, device, and platform, including tablets and smartphone without any trouble. This gives PDF a lot of flexibility that other file formats don’t offer people.

PDF offers security

Another reason that makes it attractive to use PDF is that PDF files can be secured using a password. This is important if you want only a certain subset of people to view the file while the rest remain blocked. You can create a password to protect the document and then only share the password with the people you want to view the document. There are also multiple software programs that can be used to view PDF files.

Last words…

There are several free PDF readers that you can use to view PDF documents.

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