The Various Advantages and the Process of Creating Photo Books


Reminiscing on past events and experiences is part of human life. Thanks to photo books, you can have a look back on previous memories through viewing preserved photos of your friends, yourself, and even family members. A photo book contains grouped photos with little text information to help narrate a story. You can create a photo book on online platforms such as Mixbook, which offers specific tools and templates to guide you through the process. If you are starting and have uncertainties, Mixbook has a highly responsive customer service team who will address your concerns.

How do you get started?

Organize your photos

Select the photos you need for your project and place them in one folder. This first step requires a few minutes and will save you more time while creating your photo book.

Visit the Mixbook site.

After organizing your photos, you can now log into the Mixbook platform. This online site contains tools and templates designed to make your experience fun, fast, and straightforward. There are multiple themes that you can choose from based on the desired outcome you want to achieve. There are options to select the type of paper you need, the size of the book, and cover style.

Choose the photos for upload.

At this point, you can now select the pictures out of the previous collection you organized. As you choose the specific images to upload, ensure they are of high quality. A photo editor on Mixbook may highlight a low-quality picture. If you proceed with an out-of-focus image, it will appear more blurry after enlargement and printing. Select pictures from those you like the most as you narrow down.

Create albums

Once you have uploaded all your photos, you may now categorize them in different albums as you prefer. You can place multiple images on one page and caption the photos using a text editor. There are different font sizes and colors you can choose from. For a creative touch, you can add a few stickers. As you place the stickers, ensure they don’t overlap images or cover essential information such as dates.

Review your project

This is the final step and the most important. You want to make sure your photo book is perfect when printed. Here, you can go through your creation to check for any blank pages and spelling errors. You can also change your paper type and cover design if there is a need to. After everything is clear, you can add your project to the cart for printing.

What are the benefits of a photo book?

  •         Photo books are effective for storing photos. Unlike having photos on digital devices such as smartphones, you do not have to worry about data loss if you have a photo book.
  •         The process of creating a photo book is fun and exciting.
  •         Photo books are affordable. From as low as $15, you can get yourself a photo book.
  •         A photo book is a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

If you would love to preserve cherished memories, visit Mixbook’s online platform to create your photo book.

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