Three Reasons You Should Start Blogging Anonymously


Many people blog regularly as a hobby. They usually write about things they like that readers would enjoy. However, you don’t always have some good things to share. After all, there is a lot of toxin in this world that needs to be discussed. Here I have shared why you need to start blogging anonymously. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon your other life and stop blogging with your author bio – you can do both.

Easily Tackle Controversial Topics

Fake news is common these days, and big channels don’t discuss the real issues. They would either ignore the bad things that a powerful person did or run something to cover it. Most people who even want to raise these issues get destroyed by those influential people. Blogging on the website of John Doe gives you the anonymity to stay safe.

Stay Safe from Haters

There are many topics that you can’t discuss publicly. Different people have different opinions, and some of them could really take it personally. Just abusing you in the comment section might not be enough for them. Anonymity will give you the protection you need from such people.

You will be More Confident

Even if you don’t plan on writing anything taboo or controversial, anonymous blogging allows you to write openly and with confidence. Many people are also shy about sharing a side of their personality with the world, so they keep their identities hidden. You will also feel like a different person when writing like this.

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