Top 5 Ways to Update Your Office  


Let’s face it. We are in a bit of a transition between styles. We’ve gone well beyond the boxy offices of the 1950’s and the open plan offices of today are starting to look out of touch. One easy and quick way to update your office space is to add glass office partitions. Here are 5 quick tips for updating your office with partitions.

Semi Open Spaces

Rather than having a totally open plan office, consider using glass office partitions to create a semi open space. This combines the best of having an open and fluid look while still allowing people to have meetings and work spaces in private. A great tip is to start with the managers offices. Creating openness in the workplace flows from the top down.

Modular Offices

Using glass office partitions you can arrange a flexible, modular office space. This means that you can easily move around partitions as needed to change your layout. This is perfect for companies with smaller spaces that need to transform intimate offices into a large meeting hall on the fly.

Spruce Up that Old Office

An easy way to get good use out of glass office partitions is to use them to replace older partitioning. This is an easy one to one change that can have a huge impact on how your company looks. If you are looking for the most cost effective way to incorporate glass partitions into your office, this is your best bet. Even replacing a few partitions here or there can make a world of difference.

Start a Rebrand with Office Layout

If you are thinking about rebranding your company, why not start with how your physical spaces look. All the cutting edge marketing materials won’t do much good if your clients come back to a space that looks like your grandparent’s basement.

Join the Jetset

If your office space has lagged behind the times, you can use glass partitioning to catch up your style. Consider sectioning off a larger open plan area to make a multi purpose room. Glass partitions can turn a lifeless hall into a lounge for clients and a space to make employees feel more at home.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your office space and catch up your design to the 21st century, glass partitions are the way to go!

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