Top Medicinal Herbs to Grow at Home


Where developing plants at home for medicinal reasons is getting in trend recently, it is really an ancient practice followed across the globe. Spices and herbs have been utilized as medicines by different societies around the globe for a long time now. Herbs are the premise of Chinese home grown medication, Hippocratic (Greek) natural healing system, Indian Ayurveda medicinal framework, and numerous other ancient healing and medicinal systems.

Today, sponsored and backed by science, herbs and medicinal plants are used for different medical advantages as tablets, capsules, powder, tea, and a lot more. Individuals are understanding the magical capability of herbs and are utilizing them to treat different diseases as well. Even being in the presence of such plants can heal your mind and body. So, below, we have listed some of the best medicinal plants and herbs that you can grow at home.


Parsley is a well known herb whose leaves are a typical garnishing and seasoning ingredient. It is exceptionally nutritious and has a few medical advantages. It is plentiful in nutrients, anti-oxidants, and has even antibacterial properties. It is useful for heart, eyes, kidney, and bone wellbeing. The chopped leaves have a mellow flavor and are generally used to add taste to soups and other dishes.


Peppermint is very simple to develop. All it requires is damp soil and some daylight. Peppermint must be developed in bound spaces as it spreads rapidly. The herb helps in the digestion process and aids in treating stomach related issues, for example, gas, indigestion, and swelling. It can help ease menstrual issues as well. It is additionally known to soothe nervousness and improve sleep.


Also goes by the name “king of herbs”, Basil contains antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful in fighting stress, lessening fever, boosting immunity, and is useful for the gastrointestinal system. It likewise boosts the heart, eye, and liver health. Basil has different kitchen uses as well, for example, making sauces, vinegar, and pesto. Basil is anything but difficult to grow. It develops best in a warm environment and flourishes in daylight.


Rosemary is an evergreen herb. Enriched in antimicrobial, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, it has a wide scope of uses. It is regularly utilized in improving the digestion process, upgrading memory and focus, treating joint torment, and even hair loss. Its properties make it a perfect herb for weight reduction.


Lavender is an eye-soothing herb. It has delightful blossoms, an invigorating smell, and astonishing medical advantages! The herb is broadly used to treat depression and anxiety issues, insomnia, migraines, toothaches, skin issues, hair loss, and even cancer. Because of its magical fragrance, lavender is used a lot in aromatherapy. It is also utilised for treating wounds and fungal infections because of its antibacterial properties.

So, these were the different medicinal herbs and plants that you can incorporate into your home garden. You can easily buy these plants from your local nursery or an online nursery. Stay healthy! Happy planting!

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