Ways and Means to Enhance Penis Size


The size of the penis is the most frequently talked about topic among men as the size is always linked with power and gives the perception of the person’s strength. Some men are endowed naturally with all the necessary features such as length, width and girth of the penis. They are quite satisfied, but those who do not have the natural endowments look for the penis enhancement techniques from those available in the markets. The males prefer those methods which are natural, effective and more permanent. On the websites, several male enhancement products are being sold but there are several questions, over the safety and effectiveness of the products in the minds of the consumer. So before you consider promoting your penis growth, you must consider the self-assessment of your penis size or consult a doctor before taking any major decision over your penile health.

When studies were carried out they revealed that the average size of the penis is around 5-5.5 inches when erect, so if the penis size is below the same then the penis could be considered as small. But when the size of the penis is much below 3.66 inches then it is considered to be a micropenis and requires surgery to treat the same and make it bigger permanently. Surgery is performed to offer a permanent solution for enlargement of the penis, where the size of the penis is enlarged by about an inch. The surgeon cuts the ligaments which hold the penis in the normal position later the stretching devices are used to increase the size of the penis. While in another surgical technique the dermal implant will increase the girth and length of the penis. In the procedure, the fat cells are used from the other parts of the body to the penis for the purpose.

Vacuum devices are used commonly to increase penis size over the period. The vacuum pumps are placed over the penis and then air is drawn from the tube which creates pressure. Then blood is rapidly forced into the penis as it does during the erection procedure. A ring is applied to the base of the penis which prevents the blood to drain away quickly and the penis enlargement effect lasts for the whole day. One must be careful about the side effects as the blood vessels can rupture due to too much pressure.

Male plus is a blog site in which the rare truth about the penis is revealed and several processes are effective to increase penis size. Health professionals say size does not matter and there are more aspects to it. One must maintain one’s health and through regular exercise, blood reaches in all the parts of the body including the penis. Smoking has known to limit the flow of blood into the organ which causes it to become smaller. You must also avoid a food diet that is rich in cholesterol and narrows the arteries causing lesser blood flow into the penis. These are safe and effective ways that enable you to maintain good penile health.

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