What Are The Signs of a Slab Leak?


There are several signs of a slab leak.

Water bill

The first sign is when you have an unexplained and sudden spike in your water bill. If there is any type of leak in your plumbing, then it will cause a big spike in your water bill. This is because the leak will cause the water to run all of the time instead of only running when you are actually using the water. Therefore, if you get a water bill that is a lot higher than it normally has been in the past months, then there is a chance of a leak.


The second sign is when you have water that is pooling in places that you shouldn’t. Most of the time, when there is a leak in your slab, then you will have water that is accumulating underneath the foundation of your home. This means that you will need to look for any water that might be coming out of the slab foundation on the outside of the home. If you don’t have any hoses in the area or any other explanation of the water that is in the area, then you probably have a leak in your slab.


The third sign is when your carpet is damp or the hardwood flooring that you have is warped. This is because the water is going to accumulate on the floor and it is not going to have anywhere else to go but up. This means that the water will reach your flooring and you will begin to cause damage on your floors. If there is a lot of carpet throughout the house, then you will need to watch out for damp areas that might suddenly appear darker. Then if there are hardwood floors, then you should look for any type of warping.


The fourth sign is any mold or mildew inside of the home. If the water from the slab leak gets into your home, then you will probably have mold or mildew growing on the carpet or underneath the carpet. This is also a chance that the water can absorb inside of the walls of the home. If the drywall becomes damp, then it can lead to mold. It is important to remember that the mold that you have growing underneath the carpet and inside of the walls might not always be visible to you, but you should be able to smell it.


The fifth sign is when there is a decrease in the water pressure of your home. When the water is always escaping the pipes because of a leak, then less water will be able to travel to the water fixtures and faucets when you need it. Therefore, if you notice that you have a decrease in the amount of water pressure that you have when you aren’t using any other water fixtures, then there is probably a leak in the slab that is taking your water pressure.

Water heater

The sixth sign is that your hot water heater is running all of the time. Basically, when you have a leak in the hot water that is underneath the slab foundation of your home, then it acts like the hot water faucet is going to be on all of the time. Therefore, your hot water heater will need to work all of the time in order to keep up with the demand for hot water. If you notice that your water heater is working all of the time, then there is a big chance that you will have some type of leak in the plumbing of your home.

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