What Happens When You Need a Houston Sewer Line Repair  


When your main sewer line backs up, it can cause major problems in your home and lawn. If your storm drain needs cleaning, that could also cause a major backup.

A local plumbing professional can help you resolve your home’s problem. A drain that is clogged can create serious problems, and if it is filled with debris, such as trash, pollutants, and refuse, it can be blocked to the point that the debris cannot be removed due to the flow of water being blocked.

MET Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Houston, TX provide top-tier sewer line repairs in Sugar Land, Cypress, Spring, Katy, and The Woodlands, TX.

What Is My Responsibility for a Houston Sewer Line Repair?

If the sewer line or storm drain is on your property, then it will be your problem if issues occur.

As a homeowner, it will be your responsibility to fix and pay for leaks and broken sewer pipes. If you ignore the signs of a problem, it can result in not only significant foundation damage, but potentially dangerous and unsanitary conditions inside of your home.

Damaged drainage lines that go to your house are the homeowner’s responsibility. Other sewer lines and sewers, such as those alongside the ride, are managed by towns, local municipalities, and cities. It is your responsibility to maintain the line going from your home to the street.

A blocked culvert pipe, catch basin, or drain can result in similar symptoms and signs as damaged sewer lines. This can range from flooding, odors in your home, and water backups. If you see any of these signs, contact a professional sewer line repair service – they will have the experts needed to correct and stop the problem before it gets work.

How Do Sewer Lines Work?

Sewer systems are powered by gravity. Pipes from your home or a building on your property flow to a sewer main by the street.

The flow within the sewer lines continues into progressively larger and larger pipes until it reaches a wastewater treatment plant.

Rain and stormwater usually flow into storm sewers. There are also combined systems that move both human and stormwater into wastewater treatment plants, which are normally in low-lying areas.

Both residential and commercial building have sewer lines. The sanitary sewer system on the property is the main source of removing the waste of any kind away from a structure and towards a collection point, such as a street.

If the main sewer leak occurs, or even on your property, it can cause hazardous compounds to enter the local water table, and pollute the environment.

Any problem with a sewer line can be repaired by professionals.

How Do I Get A Sewer Line Repaired?

When looking for a sewer line repair, you will most likely need a plumbing service that is prompt and thorough. You want the entirety of the issues addressed, and the damage, break, or leak fixed as soon as possible.

Houston sewer line repair professionals will test the area, and attempt to take appropriate measures to get to the bottom of the issue will impact you as little as possible.

Procedures are employed by the plumbers to permanently fix the issues such as hydrostatic testing, leak detection, and drain cleaning.

The professionals at MET Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Houston, TX can help you with any sewer repair, residential or commercial plumbing or air conditioning, and storm drain issues. Call them at 281-599-3336 or visit them online at met-plumbing.com.

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