When You Can Qualify for Paraquat Lawsuits


Paraquat exposure has detrimental effects, at least what is claimed by several studies and research papers. Paraquat Lawsuits are brought against the company by the plaintiffs who were diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease following their exposure to Paraquat.

If you or any of your near and dear ones has suffered from Parkinson’s disease that you think closely linked to Paraquat exposure, contact a good lawyer to file a compensation claim.

It is important to establish that the Paraquat exposure caused Parkinson’s disease for a plaintiff to be entitled to compensation. However, whether you quality for a compensation claim or not can be decided only by an experienced lawyer.

What You Should Know about Paraquat

Paraquat Dichloride or Paraquat refers to a chemical agent that finds an extensive use as an herbicide. Its first commercial production can be traced back 130 years ago though it amassed popularity as an herbicide only in the mid-20th century. Paraquat now finds a wider application as an herbicide agent on more than 100 different species of crops.

Are Your Worried about Your Safety?

You should be. According to a report by the American Council on Science and Health, Paraquat’s toxicity in comparison with glyphosate, ranges from 33-250. Glyphosate is another poplar herbicide known for its toxicity.

A dose of 2.5 grams is considered lethal for human beings. Its toxicity produces more devastating impact when it is inhaled. The chemical has always been known for its toxic effect and hence, has been widely abused for committing suicide. It is so powerful that even a single sip of Paraquat can easily kill a person.

Does Paraquat Exposure Cause Parkinson’s Disease?

The National Institute of Health or NIH conducted a study titled The Farming and Movement Evaluation (FAME) in February, 2011to verify the claims that Paraquat exposure could be strongly linked to enhanced risk of Parkinson’s disease.

After the NIH published their study, Syngenta, which is a renowned Swiss herbicide manufacturer, claimed through their web portal that data used in the study showed that the farmers using Paraquat are, compared to the general population, less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

The study’s authors arguedthe claim by insisting that the data used in the study clearly showed that the farmers were nearly two and a half times more likely to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after their exposure to Paraquat or Rotenone, a similar herbicide.

Paraquat Lawsuits

Some Paraquat lawsuits are filed on the ground that Syngenta and Growmark manufactured Paraquat but distributed and sold the herbicide as Gramoxone or by some other names since 1964.

At the core of the lawsuits filed against Paraqut manufacturer is their business ploy to deceive the unsuspecting buyers and failure to warn them about the dangers inherent in the product. However, the plaintiffs bring the allegation and file the lawsuits only after they are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease if it is believed to have been caused due to Paraquat exposure.

If such an unfortunate incident has happened to you or your loved one, undergo treatment and at the same time, consult an experienced injury lawyer about filing a lawsuit for compensation.

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