Why Wall Mount Hair Dryers are Misunderstood


When you think about a wall mounted hair dryer, I would bet you think of being tethered to a wall while attempting to dry your hair. Drying your hair with a wall mounted dryer always seemed to be more of a workout than anything. Many of us have simultaneously pulled the cord as far as it would go while brushing and drying our hair to its most magnificent state.

There is so much more to a wall mounted hair dryer. Sure, the goal of these types of hair dryers is to prevent them from being stolen from a hotel. However, they are also perfect for small spaces. If you have a tiny bathroom, mounting a hair dryer to the wall is the perfect space saver. They are incredibly durable and powerful despite being slightly smaller than your average hair dryer. Think about how amazing a wall mounted hair dryer is when you are sharing a bathroom and hair dryers with other people. You never have to go looking for the hair dryer. You always know where it is, right there on the wall.

They have come a long way from the standard beige hair dryer that has no sense of style. The newest wall mounted ones are light weight, typically weighing in around one pound. Many of them have incorporated ionic or tourmaline technology into the dryer. Ionic technology means faster drying time for you while leaving your hair shiny. Tourmaline technology blows gentle heat on your hair which protects your hair from damage.

These hair dryers have some pretty cool extras that you might not expect. Did you ever think you would have a nightlight on your hair dryer? This is a great feature if your bathroom does not have much light. It helps you to see your hair while drying it. Not all of these hair dryers have the annoying cords that we are used to. Some of them have retractable cords, so it looks tidy when back in its mount.

The wall mounted dryers come in a variety of styles and colors. It is amazing how advanced and stylish they look now. Some slide down into the mount while others snap into the mount sideways. Some of them have a ring that the nose of the hair dryer slips into, while others seem to dangle from their mount. They come with an affordable price tag, too. Most of them range from $25 to $65. When considering a new hair dryer, do not overlook a wall mounted one because they are far different from what you expect.

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